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Your Spiritual Journey – The Door

Just a word about peace.

Peace is not within – but can be.

Peace – True Peace, is peace with God.

You are at War with God because of your sin.

Sin = Breaking God’s law (even once)

God is Holy and will not tolerate even the smallest sin.
You Cannot make up for a sin – it is done and that is that.

We must die because of sin.

We are lost (separated from God) and bound to an Eternity in Hell without God’s Love.

We Must have an Advocate. Someone who can mediate between us and God, Someone Who can be a Righteous Sacrifice for sin to satisfy God’s demand for Justice. That person must be sinless.

Who is sinless except God Himself?

That brings us to the fact that God loves us (even though we break His Law in our innermost being (down to the bone)), and He made a way for us to be right with Himself.

Christ Jesus came to earth as the sinless God/Man, He died for sinners by dying in our place and shed His Blood for the washing away of our sins. He took our sin and punishment on the torturous Roman Cross. He arose from the Grave.

He was Cursed and Judged for us and we receive His righteousness and right standing with God – IF we Receive Jesus the Christ (Savior) as Our LORD and Savior by Faith and not by any Works we do to try to Earn the favor of God. The Works Were Accomplished by Jesus dying on His Cross. He laid down His Life for sinners, willingly.

Jesus the Christ (Prophet, Priest and King) Rose, in a Physical Body, from Death and the Grave. It was God’s Power that accomplished this, through the Holy Spirit, proving that this is Truly the God/Man Christ Jesus.

His Sacrifice was Acceptable to God the Father as 100% Payment for Our Sin.

If we are Saved, we are now Children of God and our Home is in Heaven. We are Free to Serve God and not the world, the flesh and the devil. We are Freed by Faith alone, Given by Grace alone, through Christ alone.

Written by one who truly Knows Freedom and is at Peace,

jim furr
<>< PS: If you are being drawn to God , ask Jesus to Forgive you of Your Sin and Take Control of Your Life, by Simple Faith. Then you Truly shall be Free and at Peace with God and will Live Eternally with Him and the Saints in Heaven. All The Above, Simplified: Click Below …

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