Spiritual Defined

Spiritual Defined


Websters Definition of SPIRITUAL

1 : of, relating to, consisting of, or affecting the spirit: incorporeal

2 a : of or relating to sacred matters
   b : ecclesiastical rather than lay or temporal

3 : concerned with religious values

4 : related or joined in spirit

5 a : of or relating to supernatural beings or phenomena
   b : of, relating to, or involving spiritualism: spiritualistic

— spir·i·tu·al·ly adverb
— spir·i·tu·al·ness noun

Middle English, from Anglo-French & Late Latin; Anglo-French espirital, spiritual, from Late Latin spiritualis, from Latin, of breathing, of wind, from spiritus
First Known Use: 14th century


I just wanted to have us all on the same page when discussing this topic. I will be using all the above definitions. As in all language, you will know how I am using it by the context of the term.

Now we can get down to the fun part! Discussing the various topics of Our Spiritual Journey.

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