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I have been under some spiritual attack since starting this blog. Please pray for me.

First, my landlord fixed a hole in the outside wall where a squirrel was living, I thought the squirrel was still in there and would be trapped.

I have a very sensitive nature about animals and could not imagine this is happening.

I talked to the landlord before he patched the hole, but he is a farmer type and just made jokes.

I asked my heavenly Father what to do, He said there was nothing I could do about it, I don’t even own a ladder to climb up and open the hole back up, (which is what I would have done).

The wind was blowing very strong that night so I could not hear if the squirrel was making noise in the wall or not.

The next morning I got up and looked outside and did not see the squirrel at the entrance to the nest (hole in the wall). But a few minutes later I saw the squirrel outside looking for food! I was thrilled! The squirrel can climb a tree and make a new nest, so I was not worried.

Now all this totally distracted me from posting to this blog which is what the enemy, (the world, the flesh and the devil), wanted, but I am pushing through.

Second, the attacks have not stopped as I have been somewhat depressed lately. This is partially due to being January in Virginia. A particularly bleak time of year.

But I am doing much better today after having prayed a lot about it.

-Jim ><>

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