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Jan 14, 2012

About Me

About Me

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I’m Jim Furr

I’m very glad to meet you!

I was born July 2, 1951
(60 at the time of this writing)

I live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, USA
The city of Harrisonburg in particular.

I graduated from James Madison University late
in life, (Dec. 1989).

I have been on a Spiritual Journey my whole life.
Go was after me, I knew it from the age of four.

My mom, Ruth E Furr, lives with me, she just
turned 92 on December 25th! (Born 1919)

My Mother was religious but not a Christian.
She was a very good, moral person and she
raised her two children alone, but with much
love. She made a home for us wherever
we were. She is my mom, my sister in
the Lord and my best friend.

Mom used to like to watch Billy Graham on TV
and I used to watch it with her some times.

I was very much a heathen and went to bars,
chased girls and had drinking and drug parties
often wherever I lived.

I was saved, at the age of 26, watching a Billy
Graham broadcast on TV. I got down on my knees
and asked Jesus to come into my sad life
and turn my life around, (and He did!).

I found a copy of the Bible mom had given me for
my birthday a few years before that, in my dresser
drawer. I read it cover to cover in 3 months.
Then again in 9 months.

I took mom out to eat one night and talked to her about
Jesus and “the scarlet thread of redemption” running
through the whole bible. I found out later that she
contemplated the discussion of the “Scarlet thread”
and she understood for the first time the essence
of the Gospel of Christ Jesus and His redemption,
and the next morning she asked Jesus to take
control of her life as Lord and Saviour
and was instantly saved .

I have one sister, Hilary Harris, who is also saved and a
Nephew and Niece, Scott and Theresa Haven, who have
4 children and adopted 2 more! All are saved! 🙂

A lot has happened since getting saved, (God is faithful).
The Holy spirit has gotten hold of me and changed
me from the inside out. I”m still a sinner in the
flesh, but my soul and spirit are renewed.
Praise be to God and the Father of our
Lord Jesus the Christ.

Feel free to tell your own story here in this blog.
We all would love to hear it!

Jim Furr ><>

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